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Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action

Academic Recruitment Tools

The Equity Advisor (also known as Diversity or the Equal Opportunity Representative) ensures that equal opportunity policies and procedures are carried out throughout the academic search process. Equity Advisors may be a single individual or the chair of a committee of individuals in an academic or research unit. Equity Advisors are specified in the Recruitment Packet.

The following are guidelines on how the Equity Advisor can support the academic or research unit in achieving its inclusion goals.

  • Provide advice as needed to the hiring authority and to the search committee to ensure that diversity is being considered pursuant to policy and that proactive and inclusive search practices are used for recruiting and selecting new faculty and academic positions.

  • Review the department's search plan, demographic diversity of the availability pool, review the applicant pool, the candidates selected for interviews, and the faculty in academic unit. Ensure good faith recruitment efforts are carried out. When necessary, work with the academic unit, and with support from OEOSH/TC, toward full utilization of availability pools and best search practices.

  • Ensure each applicant is treated equally during the review, interviewing, and hiring process.

Additional Resources

The UC Academic Equal Employment & Affirmative Action Guidelines describe both mandatory and voluntary affirmative action programs, consistent with law and University policy, which may be undertaken to promote equal employment opportunity and diversity in the context of faculty employment practices.

University of California Family Friendly Policies for Faculty and Other Academic Appointees are fundamental to an equitable and productive academic environment. The University of California has established policies and programs to assist faculty and other academic appointees in balancing the needs of work and family.

The UC Faculty Family Friendly Edge is an initiative designed to develop and implement a comprehensive package of innovative work-family policies and programs for ladder-rank faculty in the UC system. The Faculty Family Friendly Edge will promote the recruitment and retention of the best and the brightest, help all members of the university community achieve their fullest potential as scholars and teachers and greatly contribute to the continued excellence of the University of California.

Creating a Family Friendly Department: Chairs & Deans Toolkit provides a wealth of essential practical information for department chairs and deans to attract and retain the best faculty over the next decade.

UCOP Academic Personnel Diversity site: This site brings together diversity material previously housed on the UC AP website, organized for easy access. The website has information on key diversity resources and initiatives, family friendly programs and policies, and current systemwide and campus diversity efforts. The information currently posted in the "Campus Diversity Efforts" section is information obtained from campuses in 2016, in response to a legislative request on what campuses are doing to further faculty diversity. You may access the site at