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Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment / Title IX Compliance
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The Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment / Title IX Compliance (OEOSH/TC) is the campus office responsible for the University's compliance with federal and state laws and University policies and procedures regarding discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment for students, staff and faculty. OEOSH/TC works to promote and integrate the principles of equal opportunity, affirmative action, nondiscrimination and excellence through diversity on campus.

Latest News

  • Time for young feminists to look beyond the mattress and campus rape

    It's a striking juxtaposition, to say the least. In the news this week we've seen photos of hundreds of girls and young women, many of them pregnant, recently rescued from captivity and sexual slavery at the hands of Boko Haram, the militant Islamist group in Nigeria. We've also seen photos of young women, smiling in their robes and mortarboards on graduation day at Columbia University in New York City, helping a classmate carry her mattress to the podium as a symbol of the trauma she says she experienced from an alleged rape.

  • California considering 3 bills addressing campus sexual assault

    Three bills working their way through the California state legislature propose major changes to the way higher education institutions respond to and track sexual assault.

  • 3 bills take aim at sexual assault on college campuses

    REDDING, Calif. - Three bills working their way through the State Capitol and could change the rules for existing students in community colleges and those who apply, according to Kevin O'Rorke, vice president of students services at Shasta College.

  • Cost-of-Living Stipends Raise Gender Equity Challenges

    On August 1, a new NCAA rule will take effect that allows college athletic programs in the five "power" conferences to increase athletic scholarships to cover the full cost of attendance by providing athletes with a stipend to cover living expenses beyond tuition, books, and room. Will these new benefits to college athletes be distributed in compliance with Title IX? If one institution's plans are any indication, it's not looking good for gender equity.

  • Climate Surveys Are Coming

    Campus climate surveys have become an important tool for universities in the battle against sexual assault on campus. The White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, in its April 2014 report “Not Alone,” gave the higher education community a strong hint by writing: “We urge schools to show they’re serious about the problem by conducting the survey next year.”

  • Punishment and reforms for Stanford band

    This week Stanford University announced the results of its investigation into the university's marching band. At issue was a climate of sexual hostility marked by harassment of members, especially upon initiation. In addition there were violations of hazing and alcohol policies. This has all resulted in a ban on the band's travel to away events next year. They will perform at home events and other unnamed non-athletic events.

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