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Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment / Title IX Compliance
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The Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment / Title IX Compliance (OEOSH/TC) is the campus office responsible for the University's compliance with federal and state laws and University policies and procedures regarding discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment for students, staff and faculty. OEOSH/TC works to promote and integrate the principles of equal opportunity, affirmative action, nondiscrimination and excellence through diversity on campus.

Latest News

  • What's Next for Missouri?

    After week of racial turmoil and administrative disruption, U of Missouri begins long journey of working with student activists as it permanently replaces its two top leaders.

  • Protests Spur Another Resignation

    Claremont McKenna dean of students resigns amid protests over comments on race and campus climate.

  • Taking on Sexual Assault

    There may be nothing more exciting and stressful – for parents and their kids alike – than the college admissions process. My daughter and I spent hours coming up with questions to ask about each school. We tried to figure out the best way to discern where she would have the greatest opportunity to grow, learn and explore her passions. We asked about class sizes and teacher engagement, course offerings, extracurricular activities and national rankings.

  • The Man Who Defends Men Accused of Campus Rape

    Last December, James Clark* was finishing his first semester as a sophomore at a prestigious New England liberal-arts college when he received an email saying the dean wanted to speak with him. On the phone, the dean informed him that a female classmate had reported Clark for sexual misconduct. An official process began. School investigators began conducting an inquiry into the incident, and a no-contact order was issued, requiring Clark to keep his distance from the accuser while dates for future interviews with the dean were scheduled. Clark was shocked — he’d thought what happened that night was consensual.

  • Who Should Prevent Social Media Harassment?

    On Wednesday 72 women's and civil rights organizations urged the U.S. Education Department to tell colleges that they must monitor anonymous apps like Yik Yak -- frequently the source of sexist and racist comments about named or identifiable students -- and do something to protect those students who are named. The groups said they view anonymous online abuse as an emerging issue under provisions of the Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

  • How Sexual-Harassment Policies Are Diminishing Academic Freedom

    A prominent, feminist professor of law argues that dubious federal rule-making is undermining free speech and reinforcing sexist stereotypes.

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