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Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment / Title IX Compliance
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The Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment / Title IX Compliance (OEOSH/TC) is the campus office responsible for the University's compliance with federal and state laws and University policies and procedures regarding discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment for students, staff and faculty. OEOSH/TC works to promote and integrate the principles of equal opportunity, affirmative action, nondiscrimination and excellence through diversity on campus.

Latest News

  • Free speech meets sexual harassment protection in KU case to be heard Tuesday

    Kansas’ two biggest universities find themselves in opposite camps in a possibly pivotal case that pits the limits of free speech against educators’ efforts to protect students from sexual harassment. It has national implications and tests how far a school can, or must, go in order to police off-campus conduct and the world of social media.

  • Requiring a Red Flag

    Last month, New York became the second state to require colleges to note on a transcript if a student was suspended or dismissed for sexual assault.

  • Lawyers for rape accusers of Kobe Bryant, Jameis Winston altered U.S. campus culture

    BOULDER, Colo. — The phone calls come in waves, sometimes one or two a week, sometimes eight or 10. Women, mostly college students, call from across the country to a law firm in this city on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains.

  • Campus Diversity Efforts Ignore the Widest Gulf: Social Class

    This spring my university distributed a report by a dean’s committee on faculty diversity. The report was in many ways a fine one, with recommendations about supporting minority and women faculty; hiring; parental leave; and sensitivity training. It said nothing about social class. I was interviewed for the report, and the first question I asked was, "Am I being interviewed as a minority or a faculty member?"

  • Making Title IX Work

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The intersection of campus police investigations and college disciplinary investigations into sexual assault is still a confusing mix at many institutions, but Susan Riseling, the chief of police and associate vice chancellor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, has a few ideas about how make the relationship work.

  • Ending Sexual Assault on College Campuses: New Law Kicks In July 1

    It seems like every week brings new and horrific stories of sexual harassment and violence on America's college campuses. Study after study shows that sexual harassment and violence are far too prevalent in institutions of higher education. AAUW, together with outspoken student advocates and survivor groups, has called for universities to do what's right and commit to finally ending sexual violence on campus. July marks a major landmark in this fight: Schools now have an official resource to help prevent sexual violence, one that students can also use to hold their schools accountable.

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